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Last day of school for 2nd term holidays.. June 13, 2009

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Hey organisms whose reading this post right now,

Today is Saturday,13th June and right now is 1.30 pm.To top it off, its the last day of school for the 2nd-term holidays and its gonna last about 2 weeks (short huh??,and when school re-opens we’re gonna have tests..urgh!).So many test, so  many books to read,so little time.Right now is computer period which is the first and second period of the day.I brought ice creams for 8n hehe…End of words for me to say(not really). soo Byebye.


embedded system May 22, 2009

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An embedded system is a special-purpose computer system designed to perform one or a few dedicated functions, often with real-time computing constraints. An embedded computer is a single chip that contains all of the elements that are essential for any computer.See full size image

  • RAM
  • ROM
  • CPU
  • Input
  • Output
  • Clock

Another term often used for an embedded computer is a ‘micro controller‘. This is because the main purpose of an embedded computer is to control something.

Examples which contain an embedded computer:

  • telephones
  • televisions
  • cameras
  • washing machines
  • microwave cookers
  • dishwashers
  • cars

E-commerce May 6, 2009

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e-commerce1E-commerce is an extension of that cable and much more that merely a substitute for traditional shopping. E-commerce operates from business to consumer and business to business. Amazon is a typical example of business-to-consumer e-commerce, but buying and selling stocks & shares and managing your bank accounts also fall under this category. Business-to-business e-commerce goes further and includes electronic data exchange or interchange (EDI), a speedy, automated system of information exchange between companies who work closely together.
E-commerce is an ideal medium. Sending data over a network is more efficient and much faster than “traditional” methods and thus, far more cost effective.


Elements of Commerce

When you get down to the actual elements of commerce and commercial transactions, things get slightly more complicated because you have to deal with the details. The following list highlights all of the elements of a typical commerce activity.

  • If you would like to sell something to a customer, at the very core of the matter is the something itself. You must have a product or service to offer.

The product can be anything from ball bearings to back rubs.

  • You must also have a place from which to sell your products. Place can sometimes be very ephemeral — for example a phone number might be the place
  • You need to figure out a way to get people to come to your place. This process is known as marketing.
  • You need a way to accept orders and money.
  • Many businesses do not require you to pay for the product or service at the time of delivery, and some products and services are delivered continuously (water, power, phone and pagers). That gets into the whole area of billing and collections.
  • You need a way to deliver the product or service, often known as fulfillment. Sometimes customers do not like what they buy, so you need a way to accept returns.
  • Many products today are so complicated that they require customer service and technical support departments to help customers use them. Computers are a good example of this sort of product

health issue bout COMPUTER RADIATION April 30, 2009

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long-term exposure to any radiation can make you:
-blood disorders
-miscarriage (keguguran)
-headaches – makan panadol
-aging of the skin
-skin burn

Other examples of products that emit radiaton:

– tv

– mobile phones

-microwave oven


– Computer radiation is most harmful to skin health because we sit directly in front of the computer for long periods of time (no toilet) with our face absorbing the radiation.

Did you know?

– Laptops and LCD monitors emit less radiation than the old-fashioned CRT monitors.

*but still ALL monitors emit enough radiation to affect your health and appearance.

There are ways to prevent, one of them is:

1.Place several potted cactus beside your computer as they can effectively absorb the radiation released by the computer.



Hello every organisms on earth!! March 14, 2009

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Hello to you,

hello to me,

I’m aida batrisyia from year 8n. Just call me aida, cause I  like being called like that.I’m 13 years old and I was born on 23rd march.I go to MSPSBS in the afternoon and S.U.P.A.P.H.S.B in the morning.Well, end of words for introducing myself and I’m gonna go now.ByeBye